Lurings is a hybrid installation weaving through the forms of movement, puppetry, choreographic objects, and live electronics. Moving between the notions of touch, textures, presence, expressed through the materiality of the objects flourishing through the musicality. With the accentuated need to connect within the imposed limitations of today’s world, this installation offers a way of distance participation. Creating a rhythmic play of sensorial qualities with visuals and sounds, things come alive in a dance that exceeds its parts. Composition-The Installation will be curated to the design and the acoustics of the gallery space. How?- A series of 5 composed objects( PFA) are suspended in space with strings through pulleys. Each hanging object will be interacting with an object on the floor, in order to create a 3rd affect. The installation is designed in a manner that every movement of the string through the pulley will produce pre-curated electronic sound. These objects are activated from the other end of the string from a distance by members of the audience. Thus there is a relay of every movement through sounds resonating and influencing one - another. This installation is a iteration of my earlier work "Luring whispers" which was a 35 minutes theatre piece, created in July 2020
Concept and direction: Keerthi Basavarajaiah
Music (live electronics): Tatiana Rosa
Thinking with : Halbe Kuipers