Born and brought up in Bangalore, Indian, my primary training has been in Bharatanatyam and Indian contemporary dance forms. After committing to the role of a performer for various Indian contemporary dance companies for over 8 years, emerging questions on identity, conventions, agency, preconceived gazes generated an urgency. To explore these notions in the crafting- play of realtions through my creating works . With little or almost no space for diverse means and vectors in Indian social- cultural structures, I started moving between India and Europe since 2012. Since then Europe, Central America and Canada has been landing-scapes with which my curiosities have been moulded with.

As a choreography graduate from SNDO (School for New Dance Development), I have been working as a maker and performer in the Amsterdam dance scene for the past 6 years. I am constantly looking at generative spaces for the body to attune to the emerging conditions, exploring shifts in the mundanity of rhythms. My works tend to move with a synaesthetic play of senses, in-between the postures of audience-performance relationship. What other worlds can be entered side- ways amidst the exhausted bodies of habitual perception? Juli Dans, Dutch Opera house, Rear Ear, Dance Hack, Its festival are some of the few platforms where she has collaborated and presented her works in the past years. Recently she has been a recipient of Funds Podium Kunst to develop a project 'Art on Delivery' in Amsterdam.