Art on Delivery

ART ON DELIVERY is a series of short(one on one) encounters brought to the receiver with an art object. During the time of lockdown, this proposition looked at exploring the structure of delivery to facilitate physical encounters at a distance. What happens when the moment of delivery is artful? When it is not a mere transaction but a staying with the moment? With AOD, these moments of delivery become something out of the ordinary, encounters that created a wonder, laughter, thinking with..... in between the mundane rhythms. The series moved with the emergent narratives and the needs we relayed in the realm of uncertainties. Rewarding and yet challenging in its tonalities, the work carried gestures of resonance. We met them in from of their doors,parks, docks, hallways, back gradens, studios,working spaces. It was requested as a gift, with a joy of encountering strangeness. Also from a strong call for a encounter which was not throug virtual mediums. The moment of delivery lasted up to 15-20 minutes, curated and catered to the sensibilities of the person delivered to.
Concept and direction: Keerthi Basavarajaiah
Performed by :Marina Orlova.
Thinking with : Halbe Kuipers
Supported-funded by Fonds Podium Kunst

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