Pausing a resonance

Exploring the notion of service in relation to the desired image and an attempt at capturing it. In between people that perform different acts, that identify them as either the one who can or the one who can be seen."The best things ever built were only built on paper. No truly great building has been built anywhere in the world, that has not been turned into a ruin, one way or another." (Josef Ponten, "The Babylonian Tower")When you produce yourself, what are the mechanics you apply to make yourself visible to me? See yourself as an image, how would you like to materialize your own gaze? Your eyes would become just the idea of your eyes projected into form.Where we appear to end physically we construct appearance in a shifting field made out of memories, visions, desires, objectification, projections. We play in that field, we manifest, we escape, we trick, we hide, we reveal.
Choreography,development & performance: Antonia Steffens, Keerthi Basavarajaiah
Drawings: Antonia Steffens
Advised by: Michele Rizzo