This project aims to create a performative hyper-instrument. This instrument in its nature is a hybrid between a scenographic object and performance. This enables the performers and their audience to develop a sonic tapestry.This work is primarily focused on the production of sound through materials, performers-creating visual sounds through the notion of performativity in its abstraction. The visual aspect of the work is weaved through the inter-relative and interactive composition between bodies, space, speakers, objects, and materials. Using all disciplines present in Opera, we are excited to explore this form of sound theatre which we believe to fit the creative and innovative characteristics that we together seek as choreographers and composers. With the history of previously shared collaborative projects, the co-creating of a scenographic object and sonic theatre piece is something we foreground through this work. Together, we thrive to create a performance that accumulates a collective body of research elaborating from a variety of perspectives. To elaborate on the idea of performance through our personalized orchestra of ideas, providing an alluring experience for the performer and spectator alike.
Choreography and concept development- Keerthi Basavarajaiah
Performers- Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Verena Barie and Burkhard Korner.
Advisors- Abhishek Thapar, Julien Webber