Wisdom tooth

Creating ripples as a during and after means. Thinking with the notion of agency, reflecting on the lurking ways to be busy with the body as an instrument at play in the realm of zound-object-bodies relation. With this work I would like to foreground in the minimalist reproduction of images. Either by the interaction with another body or objects being the mediator-facilitator. Playing with the images recreating in complete associations. Theatre  being a magnet for its multiplicities, I am using this platform to explore the known-habitual  form of perception to propose a shift in the surrounding. Enhancing ones relation with the  many. As part of my artistic practice, I would like to question and play with the commonalities which are often referred as the differences or Dis -attaching oneself from their contribution towards this generalization. How an action can be a reaction of something already and a reaction is an action by itself. Trying to leave a trace of incompleteness with the known . Questioning the experiential experience from a perspective of a performer and as an audience. This piece is an attempt to camouflage between the differences, cliches and commonalities. Exploring the relation with the object and the subject. How can you be of service to the objects? taking out the functionality of the things, with different lenses between the server and the service. An attempt to create a suspended mechanics blurring the borders of the start and ends in the field of relations as we know it.Being confronted with this vision on a day to day basis, I am interested in how it could have a self-creating rhythm with multiple unsolved notions. Body as a moving image or an image as living installation through the body in space. These know two ways of the presence of stillness and movement juxtaposing each other. How can the material/ object in relation to the body can have a chain of interdependency? how and what does body as a living installation produce in space? How can a body be hypnotized to create an atmosphere in space?
Performers: Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Catalina Oslobanu
Music: Pepijn Streng
Adviser: Andrea zavala Folache
SNDO production 2017
Photography - Nellie de Boer images